"Theater Zzz"is the place where you can stay and sleep at peace.
Summer 2019,TOKYO EAST Open!

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"A stage where scenery overlapping and you can meet SUKI(LIKE in Japanese)."
Time to warm your heart with the hot tea,
Time to enjoy a movie and be lose in thoughts,
Time to make friends while traveling alone and retrieve yourself,
The remains of the day, as SUKI(Refined taste),SUKI(Gap)and SUKI(Like),your feeling.
Once you stopped the flow of time,you can reflect yourself,promote friendship,meet unique people and discover new things...

"SUKI" is more than a place for sleeping,
It's the best way of comforting your heart.
And this is a stage where landscapes overlap to create a new story.
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Based on the concept of "a stage where you can meet SUKI and the overlapping scenery".
The hostel "Theater Zzz" is combined with three elements, tea, movies and travel,and people in this place can notice new things by way of overlapping scenery.
The hostel is operated as a mixed-use dormitory-style.
Guests are going to stay in a tent set up inside the theater area at night.
During the daytime,our facilities changes into and be opened as a tea-house called "CHASUSRU".
Not only for guests,but also customers who can visit the tea-house in the daytime. And the bar time at night can also be enjoyed our heartwarming hospitality.
Events be hold regularly will change the entire facility to “THEATER”.
Visitors from all over the world would interact with each other and have no sense of alienation.

※Click here for detail about reservation
Facility Name:Theater Zzz
About rooms:Mixed-gender tents(can hold maximum people of 18)/1room
※You can reserve the entire theater room 
Check In:18:00 ~ 21:00 Check Out:10:00
Morning:08:30 ~ 10:00
Price:¥3,500~/ per 1 tent
    ¥45,000~/ reservation for entire room
Adjoining cafe:Tea-house"CHASURU"
Opening date: In summer 2019

CAFE Open Wed.-Mon. 12 pm to 5 pm.
Closed on Tuesdays.
BAR Open Every day 6 pm to 11 pm.
Theater Zzzのイメージ


Our hostel is located in Ishiwara, Sumida city.
It is full of atmosphere of end of the Edo period.And it's closed to Ryōgoku Sumo Hall and The Edo-Tokyo Museum.
And we located at the area called 'Kiyosumi Shirakawa'and 'Kuramae', where the modern culture rise up quickly.


For reservations・facilities・recruitment and interview,please contact below:

Theater Zzz

Operating company

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北岡 真明様、高津 真様、種ノ箱様、陽 健太郎様、松井 章一郎様、外山 雄也様、大迫 由貴様、武田 麻里様
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